Friday, October 29, 2010


confession: i love capes. i think they are the perfect coat. don't they look so warm and cozy? i get cold really easily, but as much as my body tells me i need an oversized down comforter wrapped around me whenever i step outside in december, i can never bring myself to ruin a perfectly tailored outfit with a bulky jacket. also, i look like a marshmallow bulging in all the wrong places when wearing three layers, a sweater, a scarf, and a peacoat. so - i love capes! above cape is my favorite.

above cape found here by the gorgeous and talented natalie who asked my advice about capes. nat, i say go for it. i think the key is to have balanced proportions. capes look best when paired with skinny jeans, short skirts and tights, or a tailored pant. heels (especially my favorite - peep toe with opaque stockings or knee highs) or riding boots are always a plus.

capes found here and here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

life lessons

i love this video. it says something about what it means to be human. we need each other. and he's so right in saying that it's always the first follower that makes a crazy person into someone great, a leader.

found at my lovely friend jodi's boston blog

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the princess and the pea

i love this ad campaign from lela rose. the whimsical wallpaper, those flowers, the mismatched printed sheets. love.

also love the high, messy, ballerina bun. see more here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

body art

a performance art group in new york city has taken body art to a whole new level. aren't these human sculptures amazing? check out the whole article (and video) here.

a few of my favorite things

good morning! it's monday and i'm in need of a pick-me-up, so i thought i'd share a few of my favorite things. tried and true, these are things i use often and adore. p.s., how wonderful is the picture above? such carefree abandon.

benefit benetint is one of those cosmetic items you wish you had discovered the minute your mother allowed you to wear makeup. i love, love, love this stuff. it's cheek and lip stain in one and it works well year-round, no matter how tan or pale you are during the different seasons. and it lasts. a few drops on each cheek, smoothed with your finger or blush brush, and voila! a bit of warmth right where you need it without appearing clown-ish. it smells romantic and flirty too. i'm never going back to powder blush.

emersonmade. this woman's style is incredibly chic. she and her team hand-make bright cloth flowers for your hair, shoes, clothing, and clutches. i mentioned to m one time how lovely i thought these clutches were, and he surprised me with one when i was having a particularly bum day. (i should include here that m, if considered a thing, is perhaps my favorite of all). you can find emerson and her blog (the girl is funny!) here.

the esv study bible. i finally bought a new bible a few months ago, and i'm so glad i went with this one. i love this translation, and the annotations have proved so helpful. it's a little big to fit in my purse, so i mainly leave this one at home, but the detailed notes, maps, histories, and cross-references are worth it.

mochas. ah, my weakness. chocolate always gets the best of me. especially when it comes in a steamy hot cup of caffeinated heaven. that $4 slips so easily out of my pocket. especially, when they come from charlottesville's shenandoah joe's. i've never had a better mocha (or cup of coffee) than what i've had at joe's. if you're in the area, i seriously recommend it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

j. crew weddings

for as much as i absolutely adore pouring over bridal magazines and blogs, i still think there is an absurd amount of racket and superfluous noise concerning weddings. and perhaps not near enough concern for what comes after; that is, marriage

still, i love weddings. when done well, weddings are the ultimate symbol of covenantal love and commitment. i am utterly thrilled to marry michael in june and have been dreaming up ways to make our wedding us.

how wonderful that j. crew had the foresight to create a wedding line for those who want something elegant and simple - and affordable! i'm loving these. the styling is impeccable.

this might be too bedhead-chic for some, but i love this carefree look! would you take a risk like this?

freckles and feathers

i love a girl with some great freckles. partly because, well, i have them. like everyone else, i've fallen in love with all that is Mad Men, including the trend of 60's-inspired women's fashions - but i'm so thankful we girls don't have to cover those beloved freckles anymore!

image found here

Thursday, October 21, 2010

crossing to safety

i love books. i was recently asked what defined relaxation for me. the answer was automatic: books. to recharge after a long week, i love curling up with a blanket and a great story. i know kindle is all the rage right now, but i'm not sure i'll ever be a believer. there is just something so timeless and romantic about holding pages of the printed word. ah, and the smell of an old book - they should make a candle of that scent. i would have one in every room.

i'm usually reading a couple of books at once, but sometimes a great piece of literature will captivate me wholeheartedly. so when my nana, an avid reader and a woman whose opinion i respect perhaps above all others, recommended Crossing to Safety as one of her favorite books, i suspected it might prove to be one of those few books, set apart.

and nana, you were right. published in 1987, this story begins in the 1920's, following two young couples throughout their married lives. the plot is simple: life. unabashed and honest. its moments of joy, its mundane tragedies. in just a few hundred pages, the story covers over 40 years and yet the book moves at the sweet, slow pace of normal, everyday life. this is character study at its best.

perhaps what i love most about it is how, as a reader, you are able to see the characters come of age, define themselves, make choices, redefine themselves, be defined by circumstance, and then be redefined through the eyes of their grown children. it made me think of my own parents. i wonder how narrow my own view of them is. what were they like as young marrieds? how has life changed them?

if you aren't currently reading, might i suggest this gem?

image found here

a rose is a rose

as i'm planning my wedding, i get to look at lots of gorgeous floral arrangements. of all the ones i've seen, i think saipua bouquets take the cake. don't you just love the thrown-together look? so unique and laid-back elegant. if only i were in new york!
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