Thursday, March 31, 2011


hello dearies! so i've been quite absent from the blogosphere over these past few weeks. i do apologize. a lot has changed in this month of march, and i've had to take some time off the blog to process, breathe deeply, and prepare for what is next.

change can be a terrifying thing. i dreaded it with almost debilitating fear when i was young (yes, i was one of 'those' children), leading to months of melodramatic tears when my family moved during elementary school. it seems laughable now, but i remember how real the despair felt back then. gradually, i learned to cope, then tolerate, and now, finally, to relish in change. perhaps it is a normal part of maturing or perhaps it's part of growing up in a world where change is instantaneous and the need for more, for growth, for excitement saturates every minute of our lives if we allow it. i am trying to find the balance these days - to be satisfied in who God has made me, to be present in my own life, to pause. but also to yearn, to grow, to bring flourishing where there was none, to see broken places and to fix them.

spring, being the very essence of change, seemed a fitting time for my life to embrace some newness. so, without any effort on my part, i was flung from a daily routine i knew well and into something unknown. the start-up i was working for announced its closing, and i began to look for the next adventure!

through a crazy, providential series of events, within a week i found myself interviewing with a fabulous, successful company in an industry i have come to love for a job in which i saw myself being challenged and creatively inspired. and then i got the job. i could hardly wrap my head around it! m and i needed to process, celebrate God's provision, and dream up what life might hold next. oh, and finish planning our wedding in the midst of it!

i'm embracing this change and the big one that will come in june, for i truly believe that it's in those places of uncertainty and challenge that we grow - grow in our capacity to love, to create, to provide new thoughts, new actions, and new words to a world in constant need. small changes are just part of this larger story, right?

i'm not certain what this new career choice will mean for this little blog, so i appreciate you all reading, inspiring, and encouraging me throughout the way! it's been so sweet to connect and reconnect with many of you. i'll let you know more details once i've begun this new chapter. i am excited for what comes next!

Monday, March 21, 2011

chicago children's choir

just had to share the new blackberry commercial featuring my aunt josephine! isn't she gorgeous? she possesses such amazing talent and passion. composer, conductor, creative director (not to mention mother to two cuties - our flower girl and ring bearer!). she is an extremely accomplished woman, and she's changing kids' lives through music every single day. i'm blessed to know her.

jo, you're a beautiful woman. i can't wait to walk down the aisle to your playing!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

for the love of neutrals

eggshell, ivory, cream, champagne. i love neutrals. they largely define our wedding color palette, and they largely consume our registry. so i had to repost this stunning australian home captured by the style files. and you know my obsession with bathtubs? see the last photo. right out of a countryside dream!

Monday, March 14, 2011

joyeuse photography

happy monday, dears! over the weekend, m and i pretended to be models for a bohemian-styled photoshoot with joyeuse photography. (isn't m handsome? and the light!) it was so much fun to work with tahni - photographer, stylist (she handmade the boutonniere and headpiece!), world traveler, visionary - the girl is a powerhouse. and, ahem, her own wedding was none other than Green Wedding Shoes most popular wedding of the year! we were so glad to help her business, and i think it helped us feel more comfortable in front of a camera (less than 3 months until our big day!).

if you are a creative, vintage, or bohemian bride-to-be and would like to work with someone who shares your unique vision, i cannot recommend tahni more! head over to her website to check out more of her work (and to enter her anthropologie giveaway!).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

bathing beauties

i just love how one piece bathing suits are coming back in style with a vengeance! these gorgeous numbers are enough to convince me that a one piece might be a good buy before the honeymoon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sweet bridesmaid gifts

one of my favorite parts of the wedding celebration is the bridal party. all of your best girlfriends in one place at one time, dressed fabulously, dancing the night away. and since most of my bridesmaids are far (as in far side of the world! hello, readers in italy and africa!), i am especially excited for my wedding weekend. just the opportunity to share a meal, toast our friendships, and share in the blessing of the wedding ceremony together - i can hardly wait.

each of my friends is a beautiful, trusted lifelong friend. i plan to honor each of them in her own unique way with a small gift. though i can't reveal what i decided to get each of my maids, i thought i'd share some ideas for you brides!

this fashion print is just so sweet. and this etsy artist will custom draw portraits for you in the image of your dear friends!

i love these sweet clutches that you can fill with fun little accessories. bonus: you can be certain no maid is found without a stylish bag with all her essentials - lip gloss, blotting papers, tissues, mints, etc!

this print is simple but beautiful. i love it!

do any of you brides have any other ideas? i'd love to hear them!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bottega Veneta

i am smitten with this Bottega Veneta number for Fall 2011. the lace, the subtle fringe, the stripes! captured, of course, by The Sartorialist.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

stunning staircases

i love the idea of a minimalist, classically-styled home having a surprisingly outlandish set of stairs. aren't these wonderful? the first image has made its way around the blogosphere and was first captured by the lovely cherry blossom girl. and the last is from a design sponge sneak peek at the colorful home of Fiona Douglas of Bluebellgray. ah, i love.

completing life goals

no, i have not become an official spokesperson for nike. i am just using the above quotation as motivation for completing one of my life goals: running a race.

friends, i am not a runner. i played sports competitively in high school but after that even the fancy uva treadmills and extremely high population of runners and all-around svelte i-look-like-i-must-run types could not get me into the gym more than a couple times a week.

but, as i am told, there is no time like the present to change. and change i must. when i evaluated my goals for the 2011 year, i included 'run a race... any race' in the long list. honestly, i had not put much thought into actually putting effort into accomplishing said goal until two dear friends (and bridesmaids!) approached me with the hungry glint of persuasion in their eyes.

and, thus, a few weeks later and a few runs in, i am signed up to run the Philadelphia half-marathon. that is not a typo. 13.1 miles for this non-runner will be happening in a few short months. and, for once in my running career, i am motivated! i'm excited. i'm committed. i mean business. i even have a running plan!

so, here is where you come in! i'd really love any and all advice from you runners out there. how do i stay motivated? any great jams i should be listening to while i jog? i've heard that books on tape are a great way to pass the time (especially since i will be running for over TWO hours. when i did the math on that one, i nearly bailed.) any good recommendations?

would love to hear from you!
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