Friday, October 29, 2010


confession: i love capes. i think they are the perfect coat. don't they look so warm and cozy? i get cold really easily, but as much as my body tells me i need an oversized down comforter wrapped around me whenever i step outside in december, i can never bring myself to ruin a perfectly tailored outfit with a bulky jacket. also, i look like a marshmallow bulging in all the wrong places when wearing three layers, a sweater, a scarf, and a peacoat. so - i love capes! above cape is my favorite.

above cape found here by the gorgeous and talented natalie who asked my advice about capes. nat, i say go for it. i think the key is to have balanced proportions. capes look best when paired with skinny jeans, short skirts and tights, or a tailored pant. heels (especially my favorite - peep toe with opaque stockings or knee highs) or riding boots are always a plus.

capes found here and here.

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