Tuesday, August 9, 2011

older women: fashion icons

Advanced Style: Age and Beautyfrom Ari Cohen on Nowness.com.

i think this video is incredibly awesome. not just because i adore iris apfel but also because my very own mother sent it to me with the words "i want to be like this!" written beneath it. mom, you've always had great style and certainly always pushed me to break fashion molds and strike out on my own. we could all take a tip from these women. fashion is supposed to be fun!

Photographer (and blog writer behind this video) Ari Seth Cohen said this: "I not only want to show that older women are vital and creative, but also to show people [they need not be] afraid of aging—and personal style is a great way to showcase this."

yes! thankfully, i too have women in my life who demonstrate the exuberance, wisdom, and freedom that come with age - at 40, 50, 60, 70 or beyond. more oft than not, i find myself more inspired by images of my Nana in the '50's with her short pixie cut or my mom sporting a cinched boatneck sheath and gorgeous bangles in the '80's than i am by the trends shouting from store windows.

what do you think? where you get your fashion inspiration?

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