Monday, April 11, 2011

new digs!

i'm officially a week into my new job and am having a wonderful time! thanks for all the encouraging words last week! where am i working, you ask? i've been given the great privilege of working for Easton Events, a premier event planning firm. i am beyond thrilled. we handle mostly weddings and some corporate events in the mid-atlantic region and every single one is simply stunning. it's quite ironic timing given my wedding is in just two short months, but c'est la vie!

i feel so blessed to be part of a hard-working team of creative women. i will try to throw in some Easton happenings on this blog from time to time; in the meantime, check out their fabulous portfolio!

though i may update this blog a bit less, you will be able to see me blogging pretty often for Easton here.


  1. i love that first image! the sparklers are so pretty.

  2. MALLORY!! Not only are we all so happy to have you at Easton, we are so LUCKY to have you at Easton as well... sorry this is creepy seeing as I am 20 feet away from you, but I couldn't resist commenting! xo


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