Thursday, March 31, 2011


hello dearies! so i've been quite absent from the blogosphere over these past few weeks. i do apologize. a lot has changed in this month of march, and i've had to take some time off the blog to process, breathe deeply, and prepare for what is next.

change can be a terrifying thing. i dreaded it with almost debilitating fear when i was young (yes, i was one of 'those' children), leading to months of melodramatic tears when my family moved during elementary school. it seems laughable now, but i remember how real the despair felt back then. gradually, i learned to cope, then tolerate, and now, finally, to relish in change. perhaps it is a normal part of maturing or perhaps it's part of growing up in a world where change is instantaneous and the need for more, for growth, for excitement saturates every minute of our lives if we allow it. i am trying to find the balance these days - to be satisfied in who God has made me, to be present in my own life, to pause. but also to yearn, to grow, to bring flourishing where there was none, to see broken places and to fix them.

spring, being the very essence of change, seemed a fitting time for my life to embrace some newness. so, without any effort on my part, i was flung from a daily routine i knew well and into something unknown. the start-up i was working for announced its closing, and i began to look for the next adventure!

through a crazy, providential series of events, within a week i found myself interviewing with a fabulous, successful company in an industry i have come to love for a job in which i saw myself being challenged and creatively inspired. and then i got the job. i could hardly wrap my head around it! m and i needed to process, celebrate God's provision, and dream up what life might hold next. oh, and finish planning our wedding in the midst of it!

i'm embracing this change and the big one that will come in june, for i truly believe that it's in those places of uncertainty and challenge that we grow - grow in our capacity to love, to create, to provide new thoughts, new actions, and new words to a world in constant need. small changes are just part of this larger story, right?

i'm not certain what this new career choice will mean for this little blog, so i appreciate you all reading, inspiring, and encouraging me throughout the way! it's been so sweet to connect and reconnect with many of you. i'll let you know more details once i've begun this new chapter. i am excited for what comes next!


  1. Mallory,
    I have been struggling with my future's uncertainty... leaving Chicago, moving to Arizona in 4 weeks and all the changes that will be flooding my life in the near future. Your post about change hit the spot today. Thank you I needed that.


  2. i am so excited to see what happens next! wait until you hear what i've been up to!
    i want to hear all about the new post! so much fun awaits...


  3. Mally! Where are the new posts?!?! I miss reading your thoughts!


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