Thursday, December 2, 2010

blush romantic

now that i have my dress, i feel like the wedding finally has a solidified feel. a bit vintage, a bit romantic, a bit laid-back. the above inspiration board encompasses many of the elements i hope to incorporate - washed out colors, cabbage roses, lamb's ear, antique apothecary bottles & mason jars, poms, linen. i swoon just thinking of it!

i can't wait to start the diy projects (and excited to share them with you all here!), hunt for blush pink bridesmaid dresses (i'm staying away from the matchy-matchy look so each dress will be unique!), and help m pick out a snazzy suit!

ideas? i'd love to hear them!


  1. Beautiful inspiration! It's wonderful to hear that things are beginning to come together for you. You should totally check out for a way to catalog all of your wedding inspiration in one spot. I can send you an invite if you need one. I just signed up this week and I'm totally addicted!

  2. Meredith - thanks! i'm getting excited too. and i love pinterest! so glad you found it. though i must warn you - you can "waste" a TON of time on there.


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