Friday, December 17, 2010

gifts for baby be

my family has decided to try something new this year with gifts. my mom drew names and matched everyone up in my extended family, so we are buying for just one person. i must have done something really sweet because i got paired with my little, less than a year old, baby cousin Bennett. she's precious and cuddly and everything a sweet little girl should be. i've had the best time finding cute things for her. isn't the little hat above adorable? an etsy find for only $20! click on the images for their source!

these soft toys are perfect for cuddling.

these painted, wooden animals are amazing - the company makes almost every animal imaginable!

and a few stylish accessories to keep baby warm! let me know if you have other suggestions!


  1. Girl, you are killing me with this blog. I LOVE those hats!

  2. Pilot Earflap Winter Hat!!!!! can you imagine how cute she is gonna look??!?!?! the world will explode with the amount of cuteness that kid will be exuding.

  3. nat and kirby - i know! they're so precious. i ended up getting her an owl hat.


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