Friday, July 15, 2011

happy weekend!

don't you just love summer weekends? i am really looking forward to this one. i finally am beginning to feel a bit more settled in our newlywed digs. we only need a few more things, some photos on the walls, and one big dinner party with friends. it's been completely wonderful to feel 'home' even among the mess just because m comes home every evening after work, and i get to run up and plant a big, wet one on him. i love that.

so the weekend started with the Harry Potter premier last night at midnight! did anyone else go? wasn't it awesome? although i feel a bit sad - it's the end of an era! i remember reading the first book lying in a hammock one summer at our summer house in Wisconsin. those books are the kind of reading you can just fall into for an afternoon - just magical (!). i'm headed to Wisconsin next week actually (sans m so i'll be a bit sad), and i think i'm going to reread HP 7.

tomorrow i am throwing a little soiree for my dear little sis who is sadly leaving us to finish school in Illinois. you go, girl! one day, kirby is going to be traveling the world, caring for the impoverished, and making a difference - all while cooking incredible meals. at least that's what i think. we'll be celebrating her in style with some cornhole in our backyard and some sweet summer foods (i've been obsessing over watermelon this year!).

hope your weekend is full of popsicles and slip n slides!

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  1. Delighted to hear that you're settling in! Creating our house together was so much fun for me. Let's get together sometime soon!


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