Thursday, July 28, 2011

on my way home from the lake

thankful for cold, cold Green Bay water to fling myself into on sunny 80 degree days
thankful for amazing Wagon Trail brownies (absolutely delicious every. single. year.)
thankful for cute texts from a husband who misses me but also loves me enough to let me go on vacation without him
thankful for a flight cancellation that led to a 5 hour car trip with my dad and great conversation about jobs, our family, and what matters most
thankful for lost luggage that allowed me a mini shopping spree on the airline's tab (hello, new jeans!)
thankful for early morning coffee in the quiet
thankful for our deck which gets just the right amount of sunlight and gives me the feeling i'm in my own treehouse in the woods
thankful for sweet time with my sisters who seem to be funnier and more fashionable every year
thankful for whatever law forbids chain restaurants or shopping malls from popping up in Door County
thankful for walks with my mom
thankful for my nana and gampy who birthed this wonderful, large family and gifted me 24 years of summers at my favorite place on earth

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