Tuesday, July 5, 2011


back from the honeymoon and fam vaca with my (brand new!) family, i'm in nesting mode! i've been scouring pinterest for images, and the above room has me hooked. our small room doesn't have nearly enough natural light, so i'm finding creative ways to make the room appear brighter. anyone have any suggestions?

we are also in the market for a few essential furniture pieces. i've been frequenting circa and perusing etsy for antiques. i'd love to hear any suggestions you may have! i found this beautiful vintage natural wood desk a year ago, and i adored it so much we used it at the wedding for our guest book table.

i can't wait to share more of the wedding and honeymoon with you all. i'm not able to publish wedding photos yet, so honeymoon may come first!

thanks for sticking with me, readers.


  1. The Covesville Store south of Cville on 29 usually has lots of shabby-chic/antique treasures at good prices! We've gotten lots of stuff there :).

  2. The Greenwood Country Store (near Crozet) is also a great place. And there are many places in Stuanton.

    However, I really think you should drive a truck up to Somerset, PA and search for estate sales. Old family farmhouses are where big city antique dealers find most of their wares. AND Somerset is gorgeous! I know a B&B where you can stay.


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