Monday, November 1, 2010

eyewear throwback

last week, m and i picked out some new glasses for him. he's now sporting some really handsome Guess tortoise frames. i love them. of course, while we were there, i had to try on some myself. and, oh goodness, i fell in love with some oversized gold glasses a la the nerdy 80's. i wore them the entire time we were in the store while m humored me.

now, i do wear glasses - well contacts - normally. technically i require them. but i'm not due for a new prescription for perhaps another year... so is it wrong for me to want to buy these frames without prescriptive lenses? i know that's faking it, but i'm not certain i care anymore. would you fake it?

how stunning is she with her red lips to boot? i think i loved these glasses so much because they remind me of my nana and my mother, both of whom had (and have) chic glasses. i tend to take after my mom, and when i put on those frames, m said i looked just like her. i wouldn't mind that one bit!

so tell me, am i wrong to want these if they're fake?

glasses here and here


  1. Yes, that would be lame sauce. Lets get a M glasses photo.

  2. I think its stupid not to buy something you like just because you don't technically need it. Isn't that all fashion is in the first place? get the specs. I know a girl that has been wearing fake ray-bans since she was 11, when it was not cool to do so. Now everyone is doing it. There is no shame in accessorizing however you want.

  3. Jeff - I figured that is what most men would say. However, men say many silly things. ps - I'll have to convince M to let me post a photo...

    Kirby - Thanks for the support! I just might take the plunge.

  4. let us not focus on things we do not need. as americans we live far too often with excess (myself included)...however, let us shed the superfluous (aka: glasses we don't even need) and live simply.

  5. jeff- I think it is safe to say that mallory does need she can see. if she wants to do a test run with a new style before taking the plunge into prescription glasses, i see no problem with it.


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