Monday, November 8, 2010

random acts of culture

you must watch this video. it will enrich your monday - perhaps even your week, promise.

the Knight Foundation is an organization which seeks to benefit others through the support of artistic endeavors in local communities. i love, love, love this idea. and not just because i work for an art gallery start-up. i believe in the arts. creativity and artistic expression, more than anything else, transcend the finite in human experience. to listen to Mozart is, in a sense, to have known him. to read an intelligent piece of literature is to embody the story of another. to see a Monet is to feel emotion, and not just any emotion but that emotion that is wholly yours while simultaneously belonging to a million others who have beheld the same painting. the arts bring people together. they show us what it is to be human, to be part of a collective, a breathing, feeling, seeking amoeba of individual thought.

this video brought me to tears. over 600 individual voices joined in song, celebrating truth. i wish i had been there to witness the glory!

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