Monday, November 15, 2010

some paper favorites

m & i had a weekend of wedding planning. it got me thinking of all the lovely paper i'd love to incorporate. we're currently brainstorming save-the-date ideas, and i'd love to hear your thoughts!

i love calligraphy, don't you? etsy actually has some wonderfully elegant options like the above. once we move into our new place, i'd love to spring for one of these address stamps.

i am loving all the fun save-the-dates out there. the love birds are cute. i love prints like the one above. i'd like to mix it into my mismatched frames of family and friends as a good reminder to slow down during my day. i love this poster that combines the art of paper-cutting with you & your hubby's fingerprints.

i adore this handwriting, perhaps more than any other. and these short quips are just so sweet, aren't they? the calendar for april, may, june reads: "what if the stars began to shout their names."

these posters are more iconic and modern. i can imagine hanging one in a guest bedroom. do you have any paper favorites i should know about?

1 comment:

  1. Mal, I adore anything that incorporates fingerprints-- including that poster!

    If you want to commission something, I recommend my friend Mikaela. She made the paper cut that Spencer gave to Liz for their wedding. Here's her site:


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