Thursday, January 6, 2011

a chicago christmas

here are a few photos from my chicago family christmas. my mom always makes our home so cheery and bright with lots and lots of decorations (some of which have been handed down to her from her own grandmother) and a lot of which have been handmade by me or by one of my sisters. somehow she keeps the house looking festive and familial without allowing it to become overrun with knick knacks or clutter. ever since i was young, my family has decorated our house for christmas the saturday after thanksgiving. we go out and get the christmas tree (it's always a contest to see who picks the best one) and while my dad strings the lights, all of us girls start unwrapping ornaments, garland, the advent wreath, and snow globes.

the chalkboard is courtesy of my dad who, little known fact, is a great artist. i love that every so often he'll decorate the board with some message or drawing for us when we return home for a weekend or holiday.

finally, i just love our christmas tree. while i always enjoy seeing those trees decked out in proper golden garland and strung with gleaming red bulbs, there is something i adore about our little handmade tree. the ornaments all have stories behind them, whether gifted, made, or passed down. i love that kind of heritage.

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