Monday, January 24, 2011

finally BHLDN

when natalie sent me a cryptic message displaying a simple url, i had no idea what to expect. but when i clicked on it and the webpage appeared, mimicking a pretty letterpress invitation and fading into gorgeous close-ups of lace and cloth buttons, i knew.

the time has come.

anthro is officially launching their bridal line.

i know; pick me up off the floor.

february 14 (how appropriate) will mark the big day. the wedding line, called BHLDN (pronounced Beholden), will launch online followed by a boutique opening in August of this year. their motto, Be You, Be Loved, is so very Anthro, wouldn't you say? romantic and breathless. i can't wait to see what they've come up with. the website preview is already swoon-worthy. lots of texture, lace, fringey poms, glitz, and glam.

AND it's just in time for my wedding. perhaps i'll be able to pick out a few bridesmaid dresses and accessories for the big day. i'll have to steer my eyes away from the wedding dresses. if only.

BHLDN will be featured in the April issue of The Knot, and, small Cville claim to fame, Easton Events will be coordinating the photo shoot along with Rock, Paper, Scissors, who will be designing the paper products. these two companies are incredibly creative (check them out!), so i'm sure the trio will produce an amazing shoot. and yeah, Charlottesville! i love this town.

you can sign up for their email newsletter here: and if you have any more insider details, please pass them my way!


  1. Oh amazing, I can't wait to see what they come out with!

  2. I cannot explain what a dream come true this is...I have ALWAYS wished that Anthro would launch a bridal line, and it's happening!

    Do we have any idea where the store is going to open? NYC?

  3. mary - my reaction exactly!

    charlie - me too. so glad you stopped by - i LOVE your style blog.

    jenny - hi! nice to hear from you! i'm so thrilled about the bridal line too - been dreaming about it for years. it looks like they are keeping things under wraps. i would assume NYC (and have even heard rumors of a second store opening simultaneously) but i don't know! if you hear anything, let me know.

  4. mallory,
    i was just telling maddy yesterday how lucky she is not to be married yet because she will have the opportunity to get an anthro dress! haha, i'm so jealous. thanks for visiting my site- you've got a lovely collection of images on yours. :) i agree, i think we would be friends- we seem so similar!


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