Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sarah seven

if i could wear multiple wedding dresses, i would have bought my second dress from sarah seven. i discovered sarah seven the summer before m proposed. she wasn't all that well known then but in the past year, her designs have blown up on the blogosphere. this weekend when i saw a huge, gorgeous ad for her dresses in Unveiled (perhaps my favorite wedding mag), i was reminded how much i love her style. the dresses are flirty and not the least bit fussy. AND the best part is that 5% of the sale goes to the International Justice Mission, which works to free those enslaved by human trafficking, and to Compassion, which feeds needy children. how awesome to have a bit of your wedding benefit others!


  1. everyone needs a second dress for the getaway :)

  2. em- ha! so true. if only i could somehow stretch that little budget to fit one of her gorgeous frocks, i would!


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