Monday, March 14, 2011

joyeuse photography

happy monday, dears! over the weekend, m and i pretended to be models for a bohemian-styled photoshoot with joyeuse photography. (isn't m handsome? and the light!) it was so much fun to work with tahni - photographer, stylist (she handmade the boutonniere and headpiece!), world traveler, visionary - the girl is a powerhouse. and, ahem, her own wedding was none other than Green Wedding Shoes most popular wedding of the year! we were so glad to help her business, and i think it helped us feel more comfortable in front of a camera (less than 3 months until our big day!).

if you are a creative, vintage, or bohemian bride-to-be and would like to work with someone who shares your unique vision, i cannot recommend tahni more! head over to her website to check out more of her work (and to enter her anthropologie giveaway!).


  1. Beautiful pic! Can't wait to see more. Hope you had fun at your shower this weekend. Ashley said it was great!

  2. look amazing in the pic.
    second...this is not mean to sound creepy, but Michael looks so much like dad in this picture when he was 20 something. Both are very handsome men.

  3. love the pic Mal...and yes, your Dad AND Michael are both very handsome!!

  4. oh! so excited to see this on here today. thank you :) i can't wait to post the rest and good luck with winning the anthro card. :)


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