Wednesday, March 2, 2011

stunning staircases

i love the idea of a minimalist, classically-styled home having a surprisingly outlandish set of stairs. aren't these wonderful? the first image has made its way around the blogosphere and was first captured by the lovely cherry blossom girl. and the last is from a design sponge sneak peek at the colorful home of Fiona Douglas of Bluebellgray. ah, i love.


  1. hahaha these are very cool. I love the idea. My favorite is the one with The Doors lyrics on them. have you ever been to ?I think you would like it if you like this sort in inside decor. Either very inspired post. I officially know what I will be googling now when I am procrastinating at work!

  2. the stairs that are like books are so cool.

    ps. I am Tahni Holm's sister and I followed the link to your site.


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