Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sweet bridesmaid gifts

one of my favorite parts of the wedding celebration is the bridal party. all of your best girlfriends in one place at one time, dressed fabulously, dancing the night away. and since most of my bridesmaids are far (as in far side of the world! hello, readers in italy and africa!), i am especially excited for my wedding weekend. just the opportunity to share a meal, toast our friendships, and share in the blessing of the wedding ceremony together - i can hardly wait.

each of my friends is a beautiful, trusted lifelong friend. i plan to honor each of them in her own unique way with a small gift. though i can't reveal what i decided to get each of my maids, i thought i'd share some ideas for you brides!

this fashion print is just so sweet. and this etsy artist will custom draw portraits for you in the image of your dear friends!

i love these sweet clutches that you can fill with fun little accessories. bonus: you can be certain no maid is found without a stylish bag with all her essentials - lip gloss, blotting papers, tissues, mints, etc!

this print is simple but beautiful. i love it!

do any of you brides have any other ideas? i'd love to hear them!


  1. not a bride, but I love the gifts (the portraits are amazing). Are these your colors?

  2. i love the portrait idea! super unique and special.


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