Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the civil wars

are you a fan of The Civil Wars yet? i started listening to this duo last year, and i am still wholly obsessed. their new album, Barton Hallow, came out this week and was #1 on iTunes (if my opinion alone couldn't convince you they're worth a listen). i love the new tunes, but my favorite song continues to be Poison & Wine (see video above). this song causes me to stop. literally. stop what i'm doing. and just listen. it moves me. rich, soul-quenching melodies. the combination of Joy Williams' (previously of CCM fame) haunting birdsong with John Paul White's folksy vocals is intoxicating.

in a recent article, Joy says of her music: "Beauty can be bittersweet and truth can be hard to swallow, and I think we inadvertently write within that tension with what we do—though it’s never actually discussed. It is different, but it seems like such a good space to be in." as if i needed another reason to believe, the girl expresses what i hope all art might: that tension.

and, joy upon joys - m surprised me (or, he tried to surprise me... i guess i am more difficult to surprise than i had thought) with tickets to see them this Friday in cville. this may be my favorite Valentine's Day of all time.

are any of you fans? have you seen them live? i've heard they are even more incredible on stage than on my iPod.


  1. I saw all the comments on facebook about this post and remembered hearing them on the radio this morning. I really dig it! thanks for the second listen-to of the day.

  2. I LOVE them....have a great time friday. Might be a good BD gift for me....hint


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