Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i'm back! i'm so sorry i've been somewhat MIA this week. i normally try to keep things light and fresh on A Strong Aesthetic, but, to be honest, i couldn't do it these past couple of days. my family received some news that my Nana has breast cancer. needless to say, it's been an emotional, prayer-filled week for me. but yesterday we got some encouraging news, and i do believe it was due to all the prayers of so many friends and family. so for now, i am clinging to what i know to be God's truth and sending all my love down south to Nana.

the woman (pictured above in all her glamor- i mean, really) has fabulous style in all areas: she owned a clothing store, sewed a lot of my mother's clothes, has beautiful looping handwriting, ran her own interior design business, and was the winner of a beauty pageant to boot. she demonstrates more strength, both in her stubbornness and in the way she overwhelms you with love, than anyone i know. she is deeply devoted to my Gampy whom she has loved for over 50 years and who affectionately calls her, 'Shicky.' she's an avid reader and always recommends the best novels to me. she is every bit the part of a loving grandmother with all the wit and wisdom of a trusted friend. and she makes the best chocolate chip cookies i've. ever. had. i could go on and on. she is a beautiful woman whom i cherish so very much.

i know she's going to kick this cancer in the butt with more style and panache than most could muster on a healthy day. she's Nana, and nothing else would suit her.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that, Mallory. My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer a month after Guion and I got engaged and it was devastating. But I'm happy to report that after a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation, she is doing very well and just as fun and lively as ever. So, take heart, and know you have my prayers for your family and your Nana.

  2. Well that just sucks! My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, right in the middle of my first year at college. It is such a trying time for all family and friends, something I certainly don't wish for you and your family especially during this happy engagement period. I am sure that she will come out of this with great strength and passion...and perhaps a greater love for the color pink! (And my mom is doing fabulously. We go to Race for a Cure every year.) save the ta-tas...xo

  3. Well now I know why you're so fashionable :) Your grandmother (and you) will be in my prayers!

  4. keeping you & your fam in my prayers!!

  5. Nana has enough gumption in her pinky toe to take on anything life throws at her. She is incredibly beautiful inside and out. That is for sure. I never knew she was the winner of a beauty pageant! she tells you all the good stories. well thats not true. I have a few good stories of my own. I love you sis. I love this post.


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