Friday, February 4, 2011

happy weekend!

have any fun plans for the weekend? mine will consist mostly of wedding planning and gorging on chips & salsa, & watching commercials (er... the superbowl). m & i had briefly talked about going night skiing but i have been under the weather so we'll see! i really miss skiing, and have been wanting to go since watching the X-games (who am i?) last weekend.

here are some fun links from around the web:

somehow this makes hitting on a stranger so much more adorable.

these look delicious and would make a great diy wedding favor.

wish i were sunning on the beach here (from one of my favorite photographers). stunning.

rockster taza had her baby! and she's so cute.

as a diy bride, this guide of 'what NOT to diy' is helpful.

cheeky pillow that i secretly love.

i love striped walls. do you?


  1. first, love the picture. second, i love the x games! welcome to the club!
    i just wanted to let you know that i am reading your blog (i needed to catch up on this week's posts :) while sipping wine. i feel chic. glad you could be a part of it

  2. mary - sounds like such a perfect evening! glad i could be part of it too :)

    also, the x games were awesome. i'd been missing out.


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