Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a pbs masterpiece

if you haven't watched any of the new PBS Masterpiece Theater series, Downton Abbey, you are seriously missing out. i've been feeling sick this week, and natalie (i swear i get all my best ideas from her) kindly suggested that i check out her new obsession. after one episode, i am hooked. the show features titillating scenes of early 1900's drama including forbidden romance, an estate in need of an heir (alas, the Earl of Grantham only fathered daughters), and the complex lives of the housekeeping staff. not to mention the costuming is absolutely exquisite. the outfits these women wear each day, complete with jewels, gloves, hats, furs, and appropriate hairstyling, represent all the best opulence of pre World War I dress.

check it out. let me know if you agree.


  1. Ohhhhhhh! This looks so up my alley! Thanks for the suggestion!!

  2. The best part is they're releasing more episodes this fall, AND a Christmas special!

  3. You're like... the sixth person this WEEK who has told me that I have to watch "Downton Abbey." I think it's destiny. Now I really must. It does look amazing. I've pretty much exhausted all of the BBC mini-series already on Netflix, so this is definitely a great place to pick up.

  4. I'm a recent follower of your blog, and thought I should comment and not just follow at a distance. :)
    And I loved 'Downton Abbey'! I'm excited to hear that they're planning more episodes.

  5. i am so glad so many of you are as taken by the show as i am. and, natalie, thank you for the heads up about new episodes!

    austin - thank you for letting me know you follow! welcome! i so love to hear that people are actually reading. you're wonderful!


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