Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wedding hair

i've begun to store up some of my favorite hair styles for the wedding. i wish i could show you my dress, so you'd have a better idea what the overall look might be - but some things are worth waiting for. i'd really love to know what you think. i definitely want something feminine, unfussy but also delicate. i go back and forth between wanting more or less curl. i originally wanted a fabric flower (hello, excuse to buy emersonmade!) but now i'm not sure if they're overdone. what do you think? as always, click on images for source please.


  1. Mallory, I think the first style above your text (and the 8th and 9th- they are similar) would look great on you. It looks classy but also soft and feminine. As for flowers, real ones always look great in outdoor weddings. I think big flowers make a statement and small ones look more delicate, so it depends what you're going for. But your wedding ideas are definitely ones I'll look back to for inspiration when I get married :) great to see you're doing well!
    -Sarah Ford

  2. 8 and 10 are my faves. 8 especially took my breath away-- just the suggestion of a soft braid with all those flowers. Gorgeous.

  3. Mal, you know when you write a really long message or email and then the internet does it's thing and it's all gets erased... That's exactly what just happened to me and I've lost the will to retype it.

    Abbreviated version:
    I love your blog and the subtly messy but effortlessly elegant hair. Your wedding will be incredible and I wanna see the dress!!!

    Love you

  4. Mallory, you have great taste! I may or may not have just stolen some of these pictues for my own wedding day inspiration.. (and there's some in here that I already have in folders!). It almost makes me wish that Peter still lived in Virginia so I would have a good enough excuse to come down and talk wedding with you!

  5. you girls are amazing. thank you for your input! you have given me such courage.

    sarah - so glad you're here! it's great to reconnect. i hope you're well. please do keep in touch.

    rachel -i SO know what you mean. technology can be a total buzz kill. thanks for your sweet words. i'm so glad you're following.

    bri - love you, girl. i so wish you were here so we could compare notes. miss you!

  6. you are girl after my own heart! I've been searching for hair styles for my own wedding and these photos are just what I've been trying to find!

    xo Kirby


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